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We offer a wide range of high quality in teaching and extra-curricular activities.


We at BAYWAY INCORPORATED strive to produce the best experience for all children in our programs. Fostering the necessary skills to be productive and have a positive look towards the future.


Every staff member has a personal commitment to the well-being of all the children in our programs.

  • Helpful Staff – our staff love helping our students

  • Productive Environment – we encourage teamwork 

  • We Care about People – education is a right not a privilege

Call BAYWAY INCORPORATED® for program and enrollment information. Let’s work together on providing the best experience for your child’s needs.


Our programs consist of mentoring, encouraging career goals and mental and physical well-being.

Give us a call. We’re always willing to help point you to which of our programs best fit your needs.

Our approach to those under our care includes implementing a variety of comprehensive programs that nurtures the willingness to learn, an optimistic outlook for the future and citizenship.

At BAYWAY INCORPORATED we’ve meticulously sought out a dedicated staff with the commitment to the welfare and needs of children under BAYWAYCARES supervision.

We’ve produced a comprehensive anti-bullying campaign that is implemented in all activities and throughout the facility to produce a nurturing and friendly environment for all children.




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